Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Learning with Legos

This year I discovered Lego Education, and am so glad I did! The first kit I ordered is called Learn to Learn, and actually comes with a great curriculum linking construction and problem solving with reading, writing, and math. The materials come in individual pouches, so that each student has their own set.

One thing I've learned already is not to worry too much about all the pieces getting put back in the right bags. I designated a little tub as a "lost and found" for legos, and that is working well. I give each child a tray to contain all their pieces while working, and that helps as well.

I also learned to have kids sit at tables and NOT on the floor. I can't even count the number of times trays were stepped on and legos strewn about when we attempted this.


Our first challenge was designing and building a working wheelchair. I showed the children how to make wheels and axles, and they took it from there. Here are some of their designs.

Yes, the wheelchair above has a propeller on it! It was great to see how unique their creations were.

Once the wheelchairs were finished, they had to draw their design and write a sentence about it. My favorites were:

"My wheelchair is going up up up up up up up the hill."
"My wheelchair is SO cool."
"My wheelchair is bum." (It was tippy)

I'm so proud of this girl! She remembered how to spell the /oo/ sound, the CH digraph, and to add a silent E to the end of chair.

A to Z Class Book

For our second challenge, each child was given a letter of the alphabet, and asked to think of something that begins with that letter.

Next, they had to build it. I photographed each one, and we created an A to Z Lego book. The next day, they authored their book page by writing, "_ is for ____." For example, "L is for Lion."

This is a duck..

A horse..

And a fox.

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