Monday, April 20, 2015

Celebrating Easter

Color by Sight Word

We started off our Easter with a Color-By-Sight-Word page. This is free to download from A Pea in a Primary Pod on TpT.

Adopt a Peep

After morning meeting, the kiddos chose a peep, named it, and made a home/nest for it, by cutting a paper bag to about half size, and drawing windows and doors. Tissue paper was added inside. They left the room for recess, and upon return, it was discovered that the candy peeps had laid candy eggs! Some of the ideas for "Peep Day" came from The Shroeder Page on TpT.

Instead of having Guided Reading groups today, we rotated through three small group centers.

Group 1 - Easter Bunny Drawings

We worked on following directions and visual-spatial awareness while learning to draw a rabbit with sharpies. Later in the day, the kids filled in their drawings with watercolor. The template for this came from Artventurous.

Group 2 - Cookie Decorating

My aide helped children decorate Easter Egg cookies with frosting and sprinkles.

Group 3 - Egg Dying

In this center, the kids drew on their eggs with white crayons, and then dyed them. I had a 2nd aide help with this. Yes, I'm lucky enough to have 2 aides during an hour of the day!

In the afternoon, we had "snack time," where we got to eat our boiled eggs, egg cookies, and candy eggs. There are always a handful of kids who have never eaten a boiled egg before. Their reactions and questions are amusing!

"Can we eat the white stuff?"
"Why can't we eat the shell?"
"Look what I found inside! (the yolk)"
"The yolk is a sphere!"
"Can we eat the yellow part too?"

Egg Hunt

After lunch, we learned that the Easter Bunny had hidden 70 chocolate eggs around our room. It took less than 10 minutes for us to find them all though!

We counted up the candy, and then estimated how many pieces we could each have, for it to be fair. We distributed them by going around the circle, each taking one at a time, until we ran out. We didn't have enough for everyone on the fourth round, so the kids decided that we could share the leftovers with the preschoolers.

Peep Reading Time

After all the excitement, we needed some quiet time. The children chose a few books, found a quiet spot and read with their adopted peep.

Happy Easter!

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