Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

This is the first year we're celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the classroom. I found a great idea on Kindergarten Lifestyle that I thought would make some great memories for the kids, so I decided to run with it!

Here is what we found in my classroom Monday morning.

This note was waiting for us on my teacher chair at the circle area.

We found our calendar upside down..

And a big mess in the block center!

There was green glitter and shamrocks strewn across the tables.

And even the fish tank was decorated.

The glitter led right up to a tiny door on our wall...

Counting to 100 with Leprechaun Gold


After recess, we found this note.

Of course we needed to find this gold and count it to be sure we had 100 pieces! 


Subtraction Bracelets

We needed to make sure everyone was wearing some green, so next we made subtraction bracelets, with green beads strung onto pipe cleaner. We used these to tell story problems and write number sentences.



Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

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