Thursday, February 5, 2015

100th Day of School

Last week we celebrated our 100th day of school

Instead of our normal morning work, we did a Color by Picture page with 100 objects. This is available for free on The Kinder Polka Dot Patch blog.

We made 100 Days Smarter Hats attached to sentence strips.

We played Roll the Dice to 100 with a partner. This game is really simple and gets them familiar with the 100 chart. They take turns rolling the dice and crossing out that number of squares. Make sure to model starting at the top and moving left to right.

We made pictures of When We're 100 Years Old. I had to post a bunch of examples because I think they all came out so hilarious and unique!

I created templates for the head, neck, and blue background. Each child also had an 1/8th sheet of red and a 1/2 sheet of white to use for a mouth and hair.

We made 100 Day Necklaces with Fruit Loops. I've always used Cheerios in the past, and will have to switch back to that next year. There weren't enough Fruit Loops in the box for each child to have 100!

Finally, I made a 100 Day Cake. :)