Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Fever!

It looks nothing like Spring outside right now, but both students and teachers here are starting to get antsy for summer vacation (5 more weeks!). 

We are at that point where we have more daylight than we know what to do with (sunrise before 8am and sunset after 10pm), which means I can start hiking in the morning before work. Over the weekend I also got my classroom set for Spring, and I love walking in and seeing this every day!

I found this pastel banner on Yellow Bliss Road.

The kite printable is from Tater Tots and Jello. I love adding bits of environmental print like this. The kids will stand around trying to read the words, and then determine the meaning of it. "Miss Sarah, is it Happy Spring now?"

I believe these adorable bunnies were from the same blog. I glued on cotton balls for tails.

It was snowing and blowing outside on this early April day, but the little birds are in fact returning! I added some to my window with strings of yarn and bird cutouts. The idea came from a photo I came across on Flickr.

Happy Spring!

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