Monday, January 5, 2015

Meeting Standards Through Play

One of my goals this year is proving to admin that we don't need worksheets to meet standards! One of the ways I'm working toward meeting that goal is by documenting how kids are learning through play.

The easiest center to do this in has been the reading center, where kids love playing teacher. 

Here, children are repeating an activity we did whole group earlier in the day- ordering the events from the Jan Brett story, "The Mitten."

 After that, they decided to see how many numbers they could fit on the whiteboard. :)

Over in the art center, a few children were writing letters to Santa. Authentic writing!

Another day in the reading center, a higher level girlie was teaching her classmates how to write morning messages. They were practicing so many skills we'd learned both formally and informally- spacing, capitalization, sight words, and sounding out words.

Here is a simple poster I put together to hang in the hall (that hopefully my admin and parents will read)! I'm planning on putting together many more.

I need to work on making time simply to observe the kiddos at play, and collecting more documentation of meeting standards in the other centers. Dramatic play and blocks are the hardest for me! But I know there is a lot going on there!

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