Friday, January 2, 2015

Creating a Cozy Classroom

Here's a tour of my Kindergarten classroom, which I'm always trying to make more homey and cozy. My kiddos and I spend at least 8 hours of our days here, so I want us to be comfortable!

Here is our resident fairy by my Scentsy, that I have running most of the day. It is such a mood lifter, and I'm constantly getting compliments on how great my room smells (my principal even wrote it on my evaluation once!). You can see in the picture that I only have half the lights on. When it gets light enough out, I turn them off altogether.

Here are our Christmas trees (willows), with watercolor star ornaments made by the children. In the middle is our pet fish, Bob the Betta. There is a string of white Christmas lights along the back wall, and some hanging pennant flags over the windows.

These prints can be found on Etsy.

We love Bob! :) The kids just love watching him swim around, and it really helps with some kids who need to regain their calm!

This faux-wood butcher paper I ordered through Amazon. It was kind of expensive but so worth it!

We keep our little library underneath the SMARTboard. I've been impressed with how well they've been doing with putting the books back in the right containers. There are a few who can't handle this yet but no worries- when other kids notice a book is misplaced, they put it back where it belongs!

This is our "Genius Wall." When a child learns something new, they get a "Genius Card" to put up. It's great because kids aren't compared to each other- they can see the growth they are making at their own level! Kids will look at this board and say, "Wow, I'm so smart!" It's so great for their self-esteem.

Here is my little cubby system. I just got the Sterilite drawers on top, which have helped a ton with getting books, etc. organized for the following week. The owl labels are $3.00 on TeachersPayTeachers.

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