Friday, January 16, 2015

Active Learner Sign

I've seen lots of signs like this one on Pinterest lately, and decided I needed one as a welcome sign for my classroom!

I wanted the wording on mine to be a little different, so I made my own. I googled a chalkboard background, and downloaded some free chalkboard fonts. It ended up looking like this:

Click on the photo to get it in it's original printable size.

Next, I painted a canvas black, and threw on a layer of Mod Podge.

I threw on the printed paper and put another layer of Mod Podge over the top.

 I did an awful job of getting the paper to lay flat, so it's wrinkly, but I don't think anyone's noticed! I still love it!

You could just as easily just stick it in an 8X10 frame and not deal with the Mod Podge! I just happened to have a larger canvas and frame laying around that I wanted to reuse.

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