Thursday, August 28, 2014

The First Day of School

Here's what we did on our very first day!

Upon arrival, the kids found these treats on their tables. We enjoyed them as a mid morning snack. :)

8:30 Morning Centers:
Kids practice washing hands/lining up
find names at tables & sign in
Books & Puzzles
Use bathroom before meeting

8:55 Ready for Assembly
Sing Open/Shut Them
Find names on the carpet - go over rules for assembly
Practice lining up for assembly

9:00 All School Assembly in Gym

9:30 Morning Meeting and Calendar
Sing The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Picture schedule introduction
Sing Where is Thumbkin?
Practice with magic wand (quieting down)
Read “David Goes to School”
Draw Self Portraits:

 Early Finishers: Puzzles or Books
 Recess Rules & Consequences for not listening (have aides talk to them)

10:00 Recess and Snack

10:20 Math & Reading Workshop:

Song (and Big Book): Itsy Bitsy Spider
Talk about working in stations- how should we act?
 Rotate workstations:
 Playdough at aide’s table
 Beads at Circle Area
 Blocks in Block Center

11:15 Whole Group Math:
 Watch Zumba Kids song on the SMARTboard
 Magic Wand & Open/Shut them
 Kids watercolor paint birthday hats for our birthday calendar:

11:45: Lunch

12:15 Rest

Sing The Bear Went Over the Mountain & Open/Shut Them
Rest time: Kids find a comfortable place and rest with lights off
Read “No, David!”
Talk about rules
Be nice, be safe, be a good listener (write together)

1:15 Centers
Practice quieting with wand
Tour of Centers, talk about clean up
Assign kids to centers (not ready to choose yet), close computers- take pictures of kids for coat lockers/cubbies
After 20 minutes, have kids stop and clean up. Assign them to new centers.

2:00 Outside
Play outside
Practice recess rules

2:30 Yup’ik

3:00 Go Home: Take first day of school newsletter.

The first day went awesome! This is my 7th year so far and my smoothest start yet! I love my class!

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