Thursday, August 21, 2014

Unit 1 Math Centers

Here are the math centers I use at the beginning of the year. At this time we are studying counting, comparing and ordering numbers 0-5 (K.CC.4). I keep my current centers in tubs labeled with numbers, and store the unused centers in Ziploc bags.

Tub 1: Lakeshore Learning's Bug Sequencing Puzzles

 Tub 2: Lakeshore Learning's Count & Link Kit

 Tub 3: Lego and Number Card Match

 Tub 4: Number Puzzles (I think I got these through Scholastic Book Clubs!)

 Tub 5: More Number Puzzles!

 Tub 6: Pegboards (I like to keep at least one center open-ended!

Tub 7: Number Dot Cards and Pom Poms (to match up and count)

For now, 7 is enough! I will leave these out for the first three weeks as we learn the rules and routines of workshop time.

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