Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blueberry Playdough!

To conclude our tundra studies, we made blueberry dyed playdough today in class!

We had a ton of fun, and there was so much math (measurement) and new vocabulary involved.

We used the wonderful recipe from The Imagination Tree. The only thing we changed is that we did not microwave and strain the berries. I just had the kiddos mash them up in a plastic bag and dump them in.

Smashing them was way more fun!

We worked in groups of three so that everybody had a turn to do something. The first group smashed the berries, the second group added the flour and salt, etc.

After mixing, I added the boiling water, let cool, and then we kneaded. Wal-lah, blueberry playdough!

It turned out better than I expected, and surprisingly, doesn't turn your hands purple!

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