Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Classroom

Homey is my goal, and I've had two visitors call it that this year! Yay!

Here is my room! I've spent 3 years in it, and finally feel like it's starting to look the way I want it! The first picture is a bulletin board covered in Burlap. Each child has their own square, where I hang their work with thumbtacks. So easy!

This is a favorite part of my art area. A HUGE dry erase board for them to work on. Gross motor skills!

Here's my brand new word wall! The first words I'll put up are the kid's names. I don't know if you caught it, but somehow I misordered the alphabet and put S before R. Oops! The letter cards are FREE from TpT. The ribbon was a thrift store find, and the owl border is from Really Good Stuff.

My cute little block center. Just the basics for now, as they learn to sort and put them away correctly.

Here is my first science center of the year. The kids love trying to crack the nuts, and it really gets them observing and talking to each other.

I simplified our meeting center big time. One of my big goals this year is doing more project based learning, hence the KWL chart being a major focus of our calendar wall.

I made the schedule myself. It's FREE on TpT!

This is my parent info center that is out in the hall. Each month I send home a homework calendar I get from TpT each month (they are awesome!), some parenting tips, and the current week's newsletter. The newsletter also comes from TpT. Wow, I didn't realize how much I spend on there!

This year, I put my teacher desk/table right next to the door, so I can be more accessible to parents and kids as they're filtering in.

Here's my adorable new reading center. The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the little couches, and they look so cute on them. I ordered them from Kaplan.

I'm really looking forward to this year. We already have 6 days down, and I just love my class!

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