Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Love My Shoes Class Book

Pete the Cat books are some of our favorites.  The text is repetitive and sing-song, and the kids memorize them quickly.

In the past, I've used the Writer's Workshop model for writing, but it hasn't always worked for all students. Some kids are ready for it, but others (specifically those who aren't huge fans of drawing) can't stay focused or on task very long.

So lately I've been integrating writing more with other subjects. We still do journal writing about 2 days a week, but the rest of the week we are making class books and doing art/writing that goes along with our current theme. Last week we made a Pete the Cat book.

First, I took a picture of everyone's shoes.

Including my own :)

I printed them out, and had the kids write "I love my ____ shoes!" 

Everyone was motivated and worked hard.  When we were done, I bound the pages and we read the book together.

So far, the book has been a popular choice during independent reading times.  We happen to be working on color words at the moment, so this is perfect for practicing those!

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