Thursday, October 2, 2014

Unit 2 Math Centers

Here are the math centers I'm using for my unit on patterns and comparing/ordering numbers 0-5.

The first five were also included in my Unit 1 centers. See this blog post for details on them and how they are organized. These centers are still popular, and appropriate for their level of math skills right now. With the limited hours in a day, I don't see a point in creating more centers when these are still perfectly good. :)

And here are the new ones!

The 2 games above can be purchased at Lakeshore Learning. They make some great stuff!

This one I invented. I honestly believe that using beautiful materials with interesting textures like these have a calming effect on the children. Every time I look over at a child working on this center, they are working so peacefully. I have them place a glass "treasure" on each dot, and then line up the numbers from 1-10.

Here is my open-ended center for the unit. The kiddos are allowed to do whatever they wish with the pegs and pegboards, but to my delight, they typically end up creating some pretty intricate patterns!

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