Friday, November 14, 2014

Collage Art

I apologize for not posting in a while! I'm taking a Curriculum Development class at the moment and it motivated me to create a detailed Curriculum Map for the year! So I've been spending tons of time on that. I've also been working on differentiating my reading groups more. So I spent 10 hours last weekend doing that!

Anyway, here is one way I recently integrated writing with art. 

I started with some scrapbook paper I picked up for $1 in a clearance bin. I modeled the steps for collage-making and had the kids partner-talk about what they wanted to make.

It was so cool to see ALL the kids so engaged and all working at their own developmental writing levels.

This is a boat (with a big motor) that one child made.

One hiccup we had was students doing an entire drawing on the white side of the collage paper, and gluing it with that side up (pattern side down). Next time I'll definitely take the time to address that in my modeling.

I displayed the different patterns spread out on a table and allowed students to use as little (or as many) as they would like.

Writing levels are all over the place in Kindergarten! Here is a student who is still working on forming letters.

And here's a student who is in the "random letter" writing stage.

Here's one of my kiddos who sounds out words. Ever since this activity, she wants to label everything!

These turned out pretty awesome and were definitely worthy of displaying! They also made great assessment pieces!

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